The cryptocurrency exchange makes independent currency

BIT is the currency of the bybit exchange. Just as there is BNB in Binance, 바이비트 한국어 is BIT. In Korea, the bi-bit has steadily grown in an upward vertical curve. It seems a little late, but foreign exchanges are widening the gap ahead, taking advantage of the faltering domestic exchanges. If you look at Korea’s No. 1 and No. 2 exchanges called Upbit and Bithumb, you can see that there are many restrictions, including the domestic FSS.

First, the cryptocurrency exchange makes independent currency? Yes, I can’t. There’s a mint for money. Who are you? It also abrogates the currency that is in liah. That’s Clay Clayton.

Second, we’re going to do an option transaction from 2 to 100 times with the principle of leverage. Are you crazy? That’s a gamble. You have to gamble in Jeongseon. Who are you to gamble? Is it a gambling site?

Third, the decentralization of cryptocurrency… Are you guys evading taxes? I’ll have to do some tax investigations and get robbed. It is said that you should immediately enter a commercial bank as a subordinate organization, be inspected, manage customer information, and pay taxes.

While the domestic exchange violated such a policy comparable to Hong Sun-won, domestic investors eventually fell into overseas exchanges such as Hong Kong.

Do you like it?

It was listed on the Bybit Exchange in early October and is now beginning to bubble and soar.It’s up 10% yesterday, up 20% today. But it feels like it won’t end here. a foreboding sense I can see the result

Let’s take a look at Binance’s BNB. It’s similar.

I drew a graph for a month. Roughly, the price in April 2019 was less than $40. But it’s over $400. a miracle of forty to four hundred

What about BIT of Vibit.

And how much should I hold?

Is it worth holding?

The question about this is the remaining homework that you have to look at the above and study on your own. If you flock with others, my balance approaches zero due to the sale of Hatching Brain Dong.

Currently, I’m really into By Beat DiFi.

He’s rolling $26,000 on the DiPi.

What do you say? It’s profitable.

And I’ve been rolling about $5,000 for dual-it mining since a while ago. I can’t tell you to do this because there are times when you lose the principal.

There are bench market prices and set-ment prices, and if the set-ment price is larger than the bench market price, there is a very dangerous high risk of losing principal due to a permanent loss rate.

This is called a USDT and Ethereum pair, so it is a dual asset, but if the bench price is less than the setlment, it will change to Ethereum, and if the bench price is large, it will change to USDT tether.

I think I did it about six times, but I’m not sure yet. It was originally a 15% discount, but I’m working hard on the Bybit exchange, so I’m giving this service to my blog subscribers. I posted it, so please check it out.

You don’t have to sign up through me, so please check if there is a 20% discount on what I circled. There are a lot of crooks in the world.

Then I wish you success and success.

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