The reason why I chose elementary English without worrying about it

I think it’s golden time for elementary English to start properly from elementary school. 엘리하이 초등 I think there are a lot of people who start with phonics. It’s my first time in elementary English, and I searched for this and that information in the era of information power, but it wasn’t enough. Then, I came across Ellie High English with the recommendation of an acquaintance.

A popular learning brand

There were so many, so I don’t know which one to choose

It was hard to do it.

There are many brands,

The reason why I chose Elly High in English is

It’s called elementary school learning created by Mega Study Education

It was because of the part.

Just by hearing the name,

As it’s a brand that comes to mind automatically,

I had some credibility, too.

The most number of lectures by brands

As much as he has, he can learn English by himself

It helps you have fun and make a habit

I had that feeling.

From the lower grades to the upper grades,

Customized learning by level, systematic until prep

I thought I could start learning.


You can enjoy studying without any burden

I think that’s the biggest charm.

Of course, I’m studying at school

The top 1% will be customized for each grade

For children by subject, area, and level in all grades,

I was able to choose the right teacher.

I’m going to use this program for lower grades

In the case of first and second graders, it’s more fun

To improve creative thinking skills,

The fact that the lectures are concentrated

I liked it.

And in the case of 3rd and 4th graders,

Interestingly, it’s done by teaching and learning, and it’s at the top

Deep learning and gifted students

The mole was also a merit.

I have to prepare for middle school soon

In the case of 5th and 6th graders,

So that you can see satisfactory results,

I thought it was important to be a supporter.

for this reason

The best instructor and various content lectures

The reason why I chose Elly High is

I think so.

That’s how much kids you’ve never met before

You can start off with fun without repulsions

There’s an advantage.

I usually want to learn English

It’s hard to reveal English through videos

I did, but phonics itself is a burden to the child

I was worried that I might be able to do it.

contrary to one’s worries

Elly High English is a place where you can improve your grammar skills

Smart Grammar + Integrated English Skills

Elly, it’s a song that balances your English level

Through various learning activities including the English library,

You can enjoy learning more

I can see the child proceed without any pressure

There was.

If you’re going to give it to my child,

Choose the right learning program

Please make a study habit

But when I tried it in elementary English,

I think Elly High was perfect.

Not only that.

I don’t want to take classes for native English speakers

I trusted him when he said it was possible.

As I introduced before,

Each subject has a teacher that fits the child

You can choose.

Starting from Level 1, Panix

To learn English properly from the beginning,

It started.

The key part is

So that you don’t miss it and remember it well,

I’ll summarize it and let you hear it in native pronunciation

I was able to trust him.

It’s a song that draws interest

So that the baby can proceed with the right learning,

Helping is also an important role for parents

I think so.

While watching the video,

If you follow the pronunciation,

It’s amazing.

There’s a limit to what I teach you at home

So, don’t be greedy and slowly speak Elly High in Elly High

We decided to start.

It doesn’t end with the content

There is a textbook, so you can use it again and review it

It was nice to be here.

the largest in the industryby holding classes

He’s the only one in the industry who runs a special class for gifted students

I noticed that there was a part.

As a result

to pass a special/private high school

Even the students who passed the gifted education center

I heard that there are a lot.

More than anything else,

It’s the first time for a child to study English

I have a lot of thoughts about how to approach it

It’s done

Elly High. English is

It’s a song that motivates you and helps you get a habit

There’s a day-to-day learning system, so it’s a big help

I think it worked.

Not only English,

Each subject has a teacher that fits the child

Make it easier because you can listen to the lecture

I had access to it.

When I was studying with myself,

If you look at how focused he is,

It’s amazing.

It’s here.

With a learning reward rocket,

It naturally induces motivation and achievement

Killing two birds with one stone.

I’m just going to make it’s simple

You can concentrate more than you can teach a

I was very satisfied when I saw it and enjoyed it

It’s the same.

Besides that,

Book club as a special learning program and

Chinese character country, additional things like dictation

There’s also a learning program.

with a wide range of learning

In a way that doesn’t make you bored

It induces learning, so if you do this,

I think self-directed learning is possible.

in line with the times these days

using smart devices

It’s fun to learn

I think being able to learn is also an advantage.

for the lastly,

With the homeroom teacher’s professional 1:1 management,

Your child’s learning status and related information

There’s also a manager app where you can check it out

I was able to trust and wait for the child.

regardless of time or place

When a child wants to, he or she can learn a lot of different ways

I can expose my English through it

It was good.

First of all, to my child

Let’s start with a 10-day free trial to see if it fits well

You may decide.

If you apply for a free 10-day trial,

a guidebook for primary education for children with big dreams

DREAM HIGH is being presented.

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